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Blue and Yellow Cocktail Shaker

cocktail shakers

These cocktail shakers were inspired by razzle dazzle camouflage (learn more) and the work of Josef Albers (learn more here and here). Check out some process photos below.

Most of the shakers were given to the committee's drink making friends. If you see one of these shakers in the wild - get a cocktail from that person. Photos by the awesome Rachel Couch.

Colorful Cocktail Shaker Collection with Strainers
Orange and Teal Cocktail Shakers
Colorful Cocktail Shaker Collection
Colorful Cocktail Shaker Collection
Colorful Cocktail Shaker Collection with Strainers
Powdercoat Spraying
Applying the Powder

After taping off the design, powder is sprayed all over the piece. The powder and the piece are oppositely charged so it sticks. Hint: use a better mask than you see here.

Close Up of Powder
Close up of the powder

After about 5 minutes of bake time, the powder reaches its flow point and becomes liquid and shiny before hardening into a shell.

Peeling Off Tape on Blue Shaker
Removing the Tape

High-temperature, flexible tape and foil is used to mask the piece for the design. An x-acto helps clean up any errant specks.

Peeling Off Tape on Orange Shaker

The oils on your fingers will create flaws in the finish, both at the beginning of the process and the end if the piece has not fully cooled.

Blue, White and Orange Cocktail Strainers
Tiny Spaces

Because the piece is charged, small spaces allow for Faraday Cages where the powder won't stick. A powder coating gun with two voltage settings resolved this here.

Powder on the Floor
Clean Up

The powder is non-toxic and the remnants can be swept away.