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Off Flavors! Overview of Pieces

off flavors! zine

The Off Flavors! zine project set out to challenge perceptions about & within the beer world. A great group of writers contributed articles including: John Fleury on the emotional impact of beer & music; Nick Rawkowski's intro to sour beer & why you are crazy to not try one; Bill DeBaun on the search for a taste of home; Mike Stein's presentation of a badass lady from an earlier era that fought the man as she sold her beer; and an interview with a current badass, Chrisina Burris from Saint Benjamin Brewing Company, not to mention a forceful challenge from Jacob Berg.

Released as an edition of 100, the Off Flavors! package included letterpress and screenprinted art that was brought to life by the killer craftspersons at Typecase Industries. Most of the copies were given away at various events during the 2015 DC Beer Week.

This project was never designed for the web. The tactile and involved package was meant to be experienced in real life. Like a good beer - no digital rendering could ever do justice to the feeling of holding it in your hand.

Off Flavors! Cover
Off Flavors! Tongue Fight
Off Flavors! Rotisserie
Off Flavors! Toxic
Off Flavors! Big Squeeze
Off Flavors! Destroy Tongue
Off Flavors! Mr. Stabby Tongue
Off Flavors! Back Cover